The odyssey of buying your first property

That’s it, the time has come to buy your first property. To take possession of your kingdom, three key steps to take: quest, investigation and conquest. We’re deploying that on the spot.

The quest

The quest is divided into three acts: preauthorization, research and supply. We are a valuable ally to help you lead it well. Because we work in your interest. Free of charge.


To do a good research, you have to set parameters. To hunt the house according to your means, we advise you to start by obtaining a mortgage pre-authorization to know your borrowing capacity. If you want the best rate and excellent conditions , talk to us.

The research

Then add the settings that match your tastes. Condo or house? City, suburb or countryside? Near work, school, daycare? Make your checklist and note the properties visited.


Did you find the right one? Make your offer! This is a letter where you indicate your price and conditions. Before handing it over, it is advisable to have it validated by your notary. Once the offer is submitted, the quest is over.


The offer is accepted? Perfect. Now we go to the survey to make sure you make a good purchase. It happens in two acts: inspection and verification.


The big test for the property. Its examination by a competent inspector makes it possible to detect his weaknesses and his “think-well”. Not mandatory, but strongly recommended to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

The cheking process

The property passes the test? Now we check the legality of things. Your notary validates that the seller is the legal owner of the place, that the securities are regulated, that there is no charge and that the certificate of location is compliant.

The conquest

The survey is positively conclusive? More than three acts on the odyssey: insurance, financing and purchase. The time of the big transaction is approaching.


Before you buy, you must first insure. Ensure the protection of your future well understood. You must therefore take out home insurance and give a copy to your notary.


Meet with your notary to sign the legal paperwork for your mortgage (which your broker will have been able to finalize in the meantime with the lending institution), pay your down payment and pay all the costs – legal and other – that you incur with the purchase.

The purchase

The big meeting at the notary with the seller. On the agenda: exchange of signed documents, transfer of money and registration of your name on the title deed. You are now master of the place. To you the keys of the kingdom!

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